Firdaus Review of Physiology Book 2023 Edition


The Firdaus Review of Psychiatry, Latest Edition is an excellent resource for quickly reviewing Medical Physiology. It is available with free home delivery in Pakistan, making it convenient to access.

Book Features

  • Ideal for quickly reviewing Medical Physiology before exams
  • Provides a comprehensive guide for viva preparation
  • Helps students achieve high marks in physiology.


The book “Firdaus Review of Psychiatry” written by Muhammad Firdaus, a renowned medical educator in Pakistan, is a highly sought after resource for medical students preparing for exams. Known for its concise and easy-to-understand writing style, it provides an effective revision guide for Physiology.

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The author’s effective memorization techniques make it a go-to resource for students looking to quickly and effectively retain important information before their exams. It is widely used by medical students for its effectiveness and its ability to help them achieve high marks in Physiology.


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