90% of Sindh’s Nursing Schools and Colleges are Fake

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The Senate Sub-Committee on National Health got together to talk about something really important. They wanted to find out about the colleges where people learn how to be nurses. Turns out, almost 90% of the colleges in Sindh are not real! They don’t have connections with hospitals for practice.

Fake Nursing College in Sindh Exposed

Senator Rubina Khalid led this meeting. She wasn’t too happy about the slow progress in fixing this problem. She asked why it was taking so long. She even said that the Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC) seems to have a lot of power, maybe even more than the Prime Minister!

The PNC is supposed to make sure everything is good with nursing education. But it seems they haven’t been doing a great job. Senator Khalid hopes a new group will come and make things better.

They talked about how the PNC has been doing things. They’re making a new group to watch over nursing education. This new group will have a meeting very soon.

They said that once this new group starts working, they will fix the fake college problem and other issues. The sub-committee decided that the new group’s president and a Ministry person should come to the next meeting.

The PNC said they are taking legal action against the fake colleges. But they didn’t say how many have been closed. The sub-committee wanted to know more and asked for a report.

They talked about how only the PNC can control nursing education. This surprised Senator Khalid. She wanted to know more about how the rules are changing.

The meeting ended, and they will talk more about it later. Senator Khalid and other important people were there to discuss this issue.

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