Ferozwala 12 Class Result 2024 Check Result by Name & Roll Number

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Hey there, students! Something exciting is happening soon. It’s like opening a surprise box, but instead of toys, it’s about your school results. On September 13, 2024, at 10:00 AM (that’s a special time on the clock), your 12 Class Result will be ready. To see how well you did, just type your Roll number and press the button that says “Submit.”

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Result Date13 September 2024
Result Time10 AM
Total Students50,000

Ferozwala 12 Class Result 2024

Imagine a time when you had to do a special test in school. Well, that’s what the 12 Class exams were. They happened on July 10th. Now, guess what? All the teachers finished checking your tests, and soon you’ll know how you did. People in Ferozwala school are really good at learning, and they’ve been doing well in the past too.

Ferozwala 12 Class Result 2024 Date and Time

Here’s something important to remember: on September 20, 2024, at 10:00 AM, the big news about your 12 Class Result will be shown. So, make sure to be ready with your happy faces!

Check Ferozwala 12 Class Result 2024

Guess what? There are three ways to find out your result.

Check Ferozwala 12 Class Result by SMS

Have you ever sent messages from your parents’ phones? Well, you used to be able to get your result by sending a special message with your Roll number. But remember, many other kids will also send messages, so you might need to wait a bit for the answer. This way is like a game of patience.

Check Ferozwala 12 Class Result by Roll Number

Imagine you’re looking for your favorite toy. To find out your result, you can use the number that’s just for you. It’s called your Roll number. You can type it in a special place on the computer and then your marks will show up. Sometimes, the computer might be a bit slow because many friends are using it, but don’t worry, your marks will come!

Check Ferozwala 12 Class Result by Name

Guess what? You’ll soon be able to find out your result by using your name! It’s like magic. On the special day, you’ll see a new place where you can put your name, and then your result will appear. No need to remember numbers for this!


When will the Ferozwala 12 Class Result 2024 be announced?

The much-awaited result will be unveiled on September 13, 2024, at 10:00 AM.

How can I check my 12 Class result using SMS?

You can send an SMS with your Roll number, but it might take a while for the result message to arrive due to server load on result day.

What’s the quickest way to check my result?

Using your roll number online is the fastest method. Just head to your city board’s website, enter your roll number, and voila!

Can I check the 12 Class result by name?

Absolutely! We’ll have a new section on result day that allows you to check your result using your name.

Is checking the result online free?

Yes, checking the result online is usually free, but keep in mind that you might need a stable internet connection.

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