HEC Clarifies Misinformation about Non-payment of Salaries to IUB Employees

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Islamabad, Pakistan – The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has released a statement clarifying that the non-payment of salaries to the employees of Islamia University Bahawalpur (IUB) is not related to the release of HEC funds. The statement emphasized that the unfortunate situation has arisen due to grave mismanagement at the university.

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The HEC’s clarification comes in response to a news item published on Monday, which completely misrepresented the facts. The news article claimed that IUB is struggling to pay salaries due to the non-payment of Rs. 800 million by HEC, which is incorrect.

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According to the HEC, the grant, which includes salaries, has been released up to the third quarter. The amount of Rs. 733 million, wrongly mentioned as Rs. 800 million, pertains strictly to BISP scholarships for undergraduate students, not the budget heads for the payment of salaries.

The HEC has put the BISP funding on hold because the University has not spent the previous tranches of this scholarship fund for disbursement among needy students. The funds were diverted for other expenses, which is against the financial rules and the agreement signed between HEC and IUB.

The HEC has emphasized that the matter of non-payment of salaries to the university employees is entirely an administrative matter of the university and has no relevance to the BISP scholarship budget, which is solely committed to financially disadvantaged students.

The HEC has urged the IUB administration to address the issue of non-payment of salaries to its employees promptly and transparently, in the best interest of the affected staff.

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