Punjab Introduced New Exam System for All Schools

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Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) has orchestrated a transformative shift in the school examination landscape, spanning from class one to class eight. Brace yourself for an innovative approach students’ academic fates will now be sculpted through a symphony of three pivotal exams first term, midterm, and final term.

Note: All Punjab Boards will Announce the 9th Class Result 2023 on the 22nd of August

Punjab New School Exams System

Hold your breath for the unraveling of a groundbreaking spectacle. Picture this: a seamless orchestration of educational prowess as question papers waltz into schools via the Pack Item Bank, a week ahead of each exam. Eager minds, teachers, and parents, alike, stand on the precipice of this educational renaissance.

Mark your calendars, for September heralds the dawn of the first term exam, followed by a December rendezvous with the midterms. And as the curtain falls on winter’s embrace, March sweeps in with the grand finale a crescendo of knowledge, skills, and dreams the final exam.

Behind this visionary spectacle stands Quaid Academy, the mastermind sculpting question papers in tune with the academic cadence, leaving no stone unturned in shaping the future of these young minds.

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