Cambridge A-Level Results Ignite Outrage Among Students

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A big issue has popped up with the exam results for Cambridge International A-levels in Pakistan. Some students got really upset because the exams were stopped due to violence on May 9 and 12. Instead of giving new test dates, the people who make the exams just gave everyone average marks. This made a lot of students mad because only a few got the best grades.

Students Are Protesting

Students all over Pakistan are really mad about this. They are saying it’s not fair. They’re using social media to talk about how they feel. They are also planning to protest in different cities like Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore. They want the exams to be given again so they can show how well they can do and get grades that match their hard work.

Students Asking for a Second Chance

The students are not giving up. They want another chance to take the exams. They believe they can do better and want to be graded based on their own performance. The exams were canceled before because of safety reasons, but now the students want the people in charge to think again and give them a fair shot.

A Message from Cambridge

Someone from Cambridge University Press, Uzma Yousuf, talked to the upset students. She said that stopping the exams was a tough choice. They did it to make sure students stay safe. Cambridge is still watching the situation and will tell students more as things change. They really want students to have a safe place to take their exams.

In a big twist, students are standing up and speaking out, hoping for a chance to prove themselves in the middle of all this confusion.

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