Diploma Courses in Karachi After Matric

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After matriculation, many students in Karachi are pursuing Diploma courses. These short-term or long-term diplomas can help them improve skills and hopefully find employment more easily than a bachelor’s degree would. Here is a list of diploma programs available at various institutions that provide quality education for both females as well males who have passed their exams with average marks. The 10th class Result is about to announce. The Result date is Announced.

Diploma Courses in Karachi

Pakistan has an extremely high school dropout rate which makes it difficult to get ahead if you don’t go into higher education right away after graduating from secondary school; this might be why so many people pursue Diplomas instead! The following list contains the most popular types of second degrees offered by educational institutes around the country such as Business Administration & Management – Bachelor’s

Technical institutions in Pakistan are governed by the Sindh government. Students who take up courses at these technical schools also get a scholarship from their institute as well, which makes it an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to continue with education but not pursue engineering or medical careers. After completing your diploma and any professional field-related degree like accounting, computer science, etc., you can start doing jobs professionally instead of getting stuck after finishing school entirely.

The list below covers all types of Diploma programs available across Karachi including pre-university tuition classes & industrial training program runs by various organizations around town so make sure that if something catches your eye then check them out before enrolling – there might already be someone else waiting ahead.

List of Diploma Courses in Karachi

  • Diploma in Auto and Diesel Technology
  • Diploma in Architecture Technology
  • Diploma in Bio Medical Technology
  • Diploma in Auto and Farm Machinery Technology
  • Diploma in Cast Metal and Foundry Technology
  • Diploma in chemical Technology
  • Diploma in Civil Technology
  • Diploma in Computer Technology
  • Diploma in Computer Hardware Technology
  • Diploma in Dai and Mold Technology
  • Diploma in Electrical Technology
  • Diploma in Dress Making and Dress Design Technology
  • Diploma in Electronics Technology
  • Diploma in Fine Arts Technology
  • Diploma in food Processing and Preservation Technology
  • Diploma in Foundry and Pattern Making Technology
  • Diploma in Glass Ceramics and Pottery Development Technology
  • Diploma In Instrument Technology
  • Diploma in Leader Technology
  • Diploma Textile Waving Technology
  • Diploma in Textile Spinning Technology
  • Diploma in Telecommunication Technology
  • Diploma in Refrigeration and Air Condition Technology
  • Diploma in Printing and Graphics Arts Technology

These are the diploma courses that you can pursue after matric in Karachi. There is a variety of short courses and diplomas offered by different colleges, such as Metallurgy for Engineers which offers high-paying jobs with great career prospects; the Wedding Technology diploma course teaches students about marriage laws from all over Asia. So, take admission to any Diploma Course at your local university or elsewhere if possible  they’re good but choose carefully because each has its own unique purpose.

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